KayJae Inc. DP1209N Portable Drum Practice Pad


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Portable Drum Practice Pad: 12'' wide base with 9'' Neoprene rubber pad, white maple veneer, mdf core, finished with a catlyzed lacquer. From the aspiring student to the dedicated professional, this unique practice pad is the drummer’s answer to comfort! The Drum Pad is handcrafted from high quality white maple veneer with a choice of natural gum or black neoprene rubber. The saddle-shape base slides comfortably under your thighs and the pad is adjustable so you won’t strain ever again! Can be used anywhere– in any chair or on a tabletop! It's perfect for warming up before a show, or quietly practicing rudiments. The KayJae Backsaver Drum Practice Pad is unique to the drum pad industry. It has its own built in stand, so you don’t have to balance it on your lap or hold it still. No longer will you need to lean forward or sit in an uncomfortable position while practicing lessons or warming up. Who could ask for anything more? It can be used in any chair, even a recliner. It’s great to use backstage as a warm up pad before a show, or even in between lessons to keep your hands in shape. The durable rubber pads make practicing a quiet, but enjoyable and comfortable event. The KayJae Backsaver Drum Practice Pad is hand crafted from a high quality white maple veneer and coated with a durable catalyzed lacquer for protection and a long-lasting life. This Practice Pad is a must for any drumming students or serious drummer as an incredible learning tool and an ideal pad for warming up. The KayJae Backsaver Drum Practice Pad is a great addition to your must have drumming gear. Since it’s portable, you can take it anywhere with you, keep one in your car for down-time practicing, keep one next to your bed and practice before you sleep. Or even, keep it next to the TV and practice during commercials.

  • Dimensions:
  • Length:13"
  • Height:5"
  • Width:12"
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