Peavey Electronics BUTCHERHEAD 2 Channel Butcher Amplifier with 5 12A x 7 Preamplifier Tubes & 4 EL34 Power Amplifier Tubes


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The Butcher is a two-channel amplifier with five 12AX7 preamp tubes & four EL34 power amp tubes. Both the Clean & Crunch channels feature independent three-band EQ, plus master volume & preamp gain controls so guitarists can adjust the interplay between the preamp & power amp on each channel for an array of gain possibilities. Both channels include a separate, footswitchable gain boost, while the Crunch channel also has a 12-way Punch selector that adjusts the low-end attack of the amplifier - a handy feature that helps match the head to various speaker enclosures.

The master section widens the range of possibilities with two footswitchable master volumes, so players can set one as a default & use the second as a solo boost; a patented Presence control that boosts the extreme high frequencies, giving the amp extra cut; & high & low gain inputs.

On the rear panel, the built-in Peavey MSDI microphone-simulated XLR direct interface eliminates the need for miking by allowing users to send the amp's signal directly to a recording device or mixing console. Additional controls include a line out with level control; active effects loop with send & return level control; impedance selector; half-power switch; & a tube bias adjustment jack.


  • 4xEL34 100W power section & 5x12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Clean & Crunch Channels
  • Separate three band EQ on each channel
  • Global presence control
  • Two Master Volume controls for additional boost capabilities
  • 12-way 'punch' control on channel 2 controls low end attack
  • Pre-Gain boost switch on both channels
  • Active effects loop with send & return level
  • Impedance selector
  • Half Power switch
  • MIDI control capability
  • Included footswitch controls channel, boosts, loop & master volume switching
  • Built in MSDI microphone simulated direct XLR output


  • Weight: 27 lbs


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