Real Calypso- Vol. 2- Out the Fire- Calypso Songs of Social Commentary and Love Troubles


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Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution the national museum of the United States. They are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among peoples through the documentation preservation and dissemination of sound. Folkways Records believe that musical and cultural diversity contributes to the vitality and quality of life throughout the world. Through the dissemination of audio recordings and educational materials Folkways Records seek to strengthen people s engagement with their own cultural heritage and to enhance their awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of others. Our mission is the legacy of Moses Asch who founded Folkways Records in 1948 to document "people s music " spoken word instruction and sounds from around the world. The Smithsonian acquired Folkways from the Asch estate in 1987 and Recordings has continued the Folkways commitment to cultural diversity education increased understanding and lively engagement with the world of sound. According to the original liner notes this selection of 1930s Trinidadian calypso is "colorful and exuberant and richly expressive and often hilariously funny." From tales of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie to dancer Bojangles Robinson s "million dollar feet " these songs offer social commentary through calypso s inimitable raffish rhymes.


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