Rhythm Band Instruments 377681 Rhythm Band Elementary Latin Music Set


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  • Kids love playing instruments at music time or during circle time
  • Watch them proudly play along with others, making music of all different sounds and tones
  • Ideal for teaching different rhythm and beats as well as history and culture
  • A wonderful addition to any daycare, church, classroom or learning center
  • (1) Conga Drum
  • (1) Guiro Tone Block with Mallet
  • (1) Junior Bongos
  • (1) Plastic Maracas
  • (1) Claves
  • (1) Automatic Hand Castanet


  • Grade Level: Preschool-Early Childhood
  • Dimension: 8.75" H x 12.37" W x 16.25" L


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