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Have fun with boomwhackers in the classroom with this cd-rom that contains animated songs and games that teach basic musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and harmony. Want to teach boomwhackers in the classroom but don't know where to start boomwhacker beatz songs and games edition includes lots of activities for children to do with boomwhackers in the classroom, even if they have had little or no music lessons before. All you need is a whiteboard or projector hooked up to your computer, and you can play all the animations and games with the children, and they'll have a wonderful time! the program consists of four sections: warm ups, tunes, games and composition. The warm ups are simple animations where the colourful 'beatz' characters jump around on the screen, and the children just have to play their boomwhacker when their color appears. Its really easy, and lots of fun. Its also super flexible to work with whatever boomwhackers you have available. The tunes are actual pieces you can learn and perform with the children, while the games are designed to carefully teach essential musical skills through games such as the 'mystery boomwhacker' and the 'music line wizard'. In the composition section the children can actually make artistic choices about pitch, melody and rhythm and construct their own pieces. Please note: this cd contains much of the same content as 'boomwhacker beatz curriculum edition', but without the customisable content and detailed lesson plans. Customers should choose one of 'songs and games edition' or 'curriculum edition'


  • Great for any classroom
  • No musical experience necessary
  • Composition section to encourage creativity while learning pitch
  • Actual pieces you can learn and perform


  • Format: CD


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