Taye SM1206S-JVB 12 x 6 in. Studiomaple Snare Drum, Java Burst


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At the heart of StudioMaple are hand-selected providing warm, well-rounded tone, with a balanced mix of bottom end punch, lower mid-range warmth, and hi-end attack.

StudioMaple tom and bass drum shells are extra thin, accentuating maple's qualities with maximum shell resonance and tonality. On the other hand, StudioMaple snares feature thicker 10ply 7.5mm shells, providing additional volume and projection for maximum cut where it's needed most.

Besides its tonal characteristics, our maple is a beautiful foundation for our Brilliant High Gloss Lacquers featuring an extensive process resulting in stunningly deep, mirror-like finishes.


  • This Studio Maple snare is a perfect side snare or snare for a smaller, tighter tone
  • 100% North American Sugar Maple Shells
  • Shells 6" to 15" are 6 ply, 4.5mm
  • Shells 16" to 24" are 7 ply, 5.3mm
  • Snares are 10 ply, 7.5mm
  • EFS Shell Technology
  • UB105 Pocket Hinge Bracket
  • BC100 Articulated Claw Hook
  • Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer Finishes
  • Studded Gaskets
  • Slide Track Tom Holder System
  • Suspension Rings for Rack Toms
  • 2.3 mm Counterhoops


  • Color: Java Burst
  • Size: 12 x 6 in.
  • Dimensions: 14" H x 9" W x 14" L
  • Weight: 12 lbs


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