Taye TMW-D MetalWorks Double Bass Drum Pedal


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Taye MetalWorks - The Ultimate Kick Pedal

Ever feel like your pedal just isn't responding to you.

Ever feel like you're adjusting to the pedal rather than the pedal adjusting to you.

Taye MetalWorks resolves.

From its patented adjustable cam, to the length and feel of the footboard, MetalWorks creates a seamless bond between you and your machinery. The double version is even easily convertible to a lefty without having to buy expensive additional parts. MetalWorks eliminates concentrating on your equipment, allowing you to concentrate on your art.

Taye MetalWorks your only limitation is your imagination.


  • Dual Chain Drive
  • Fully Adjustable Cam
  • Beater Rod Angle & Tilt & Height Adjustment
  • Beater Head Angle Adjustment
  • Upgraded Spring Assembly
  • Stick Caddy


  • Dimensions: 13" H x 11" W x 16" L
  • Weight: 17 lbs


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